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Boyd Stough,  Principal

Boyd Stough, Principal

Boyd Stough, JD - Revenue Management & CX

Boyd is a USAF Special Operations veteran and graduate of Charleston School of Law. Early on in his 10 year military career, Boyd realized his passion for systems development and improvement, finding solutions to challenging obstacles, building powerful strategic alliances, and inspiring others to realize their best-selves. Over the past 4 years, Boyd has successfully worked with small and large clients to develop and implement inspiring strategic plans, overhaul systems, reduce expenses, increase profitability, improve employee morale, increase demand for products and services, develop software solutions, and much more.

Billie Attaway,  Partner

Billie Attaway, Partner

Billie Attaway - Growth & Management

Billie is an experienced entrepreneur having started, scaled, and sold multiple businesses. Billie has an AS as a biologist from Valencia in Florida. Executive Entrepreneur programs at MIT, Stanford, and Queens College in Victoria Canada. He currently helps lead or advises three companies: Read Aloud Tech - an Ed.Tech firm, MMRR - a software firm helping Associations and Chambers manage, recruit and retain their members, and Yellow Card - a Fin Tech company providing international money transfers using Bitcoin as the underlying currency. Billie also coaches twelve CEO’s in diverse industries between $1mm and $100mm. He has won the Entrepreneur of the Year award and placing on the Inc. 500 (Fastest growing privately held companies) twice. He is a member of the Young Presidents Organization serving on numerous boards, executive committees, and is a past Rotarian.

Alexa Chilcutt,  Partner

Alexa Chilcutt, Partner

Alexa Chilcutt, PhD - Communications & Public Relations

Dr. Alexa Chilcutt is  strategic communication, public speaking, and Impression management expert. Through interactive workshop-style raining and personalized coaching, Alexa helps organizational members maximize first impressions and networking and presentation opportunities. With an  M.A. in public relations and a PhD. in communication and information sciences, she is a professor of Communication Studies at a major university where she also provides staff development programs for the university’s College of Continuing Studies. 

Michael Quinn,  Consultant

Michael Quinn, Consultant

Michael Quinn, PhD - Marketing & Data

Michael Quinn has served as The Magnate Group’s Founder, Project Manager, and cheerleader for more than three years. Dr. Quinn’s burning passion for business development, brand alignment, human capital, employee empowerment, metrics, big data, and technology has helped Magnate compete against its larger competitors and deliver leading edge learning management system training solutions. He has helped further Magnate’s progressive agenda through his meticulous research, targeted curriculum development, precise technical writing, and actionable data solutions. Dr. Quinn reveres technology and daily asks “What’s next?”

Always merging pedagogy and technology, Quinn’s classroom innovations included digital mentoring, real-time voice recognition feedback, and cloud-based learning units. While becoming a master researcher, Dr. Quinn earned his Ph.D. in Education and Leadership at Florida State University (2011); he has three education and research degrees.

Dave Pileggi ,   Consultant

Dave Pileggi, Consultant

Dave Pileggi - Branding, Marketing & Audio/Visual

Dave Pileggi came from 15 years as a business consultant and is now a successful producer, Director, writer, actor, public speaker and entrepreneur. Since starting his acting career and production company Dave’s work has grown to over 200 bookings in front of the camera in film, television, commercial and industrial work, and over 300 videos created in corporate training videos, commercials, and social media content.Some of Dave’s credits include: a leading role in BET’s Tales, Anchorman 2, the CW’s Containment, a recurring role on Playstation’s Powers, BET’s The Game, and USA’s Satisfaction in front of the camera as well as an award winning commercial and numerous writing and directorial accolades for training series and social media campaigns.

Dave’s 10 years of acting and producing experience combined with his over 15 successful years as a business consultant have allowed him to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all kinds   grow through his expertise in story telling in his video production.

Colin Schmidt,  Consultant

Colin Schmidt, Consultant

Colin Schmidt - Software Development

Colin has successfully managed 100s of custom software development projects over two decades, ranging in size from small business solutions to complete enterprise resource planning and management systems. After an initial career start working in the IT divisions of Canada Boarder Customs and then Correctional Services Canada, he started the business that would eventually evolve into Wisebox Solutions in 1998.

Along the way, Colin designed and built the powerful Moxie.Build web development platform that became the catalysis for Wisebox’s successful projects. Moxie.Build had four years of pure research go into it before version 1.0 was deployed in 2002. Seventeen years later it has gone through 100s of minor versions and four major versions. Projects powered by Moxie.Build today benefit from a rock solid foundation combined with unparalleled speed of development with strong security.

In the last several years Colin has also taken the initiative to lead the local tech startup scene in Chilliwack, BC; hosting monthly tech meetups plus annual startup hackathons and education events. The community has continued to grow in size and visibility, and is starting to gain attention as a viable alternative to the high-cost international tech hub in Vancouver.