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Partners In Practice

Boost production and revenues. Reduce turnover and stress. Guaranteed.


A recent client saw a 69% increase in production… in just one month.

“Boyd… July was OFF THE CHARTS! Best month in the 10 year history of our office.” - Client

Partners In Practice provides qualified clients with the ongoing material and advisory support they need to improve patient acquisition, retention, and revenues while reducing staff issues and turnover. PIP works with motivated dentists and their teams to develop powerful systems and behaviors that will dramatically increase revenues while reducing organizational stress - Guaranteed.  


Dr. Gary Stough, DMD - Successful Dentist, Former GAGD President, Founder of SeaSide Seminars, & Stress Management Pioneer.  

Dr. Stough is a former Marine Corps Aviator, graduated with multiple top honors from the Medical College of Ga School of Dentistry, served as GAGD President, founded Seaside Seminars, developed and conducted the first comprehensive national dental stress survey, and has practiced over 35 years of highly successful dentistry as a private practitioner. Dr. Stough’s leadership and stress management training have improved the lives and bottom lines of countless dentists. 

Boyd Stough, JD - Revenue Management & Customer Experience Design

Boyd is a USAF Special Operations veteran and graduate of Charleston School of Law. Early on in his 10 year military career, Boyd realized his passion for systems development and improvement, finding solutions to challenging obstacles, building powerful strategic alliances, and inspiring others to realize their best selves. Over the past 4 years, Boyd has successfully worked with small and large clients to develop and implement inspiring strategic plans, overhaul systems, reduce expenses, increase profitability, improve employee morale increase demand for products and services, develop software solutions, and much more. 



Team interviews

Confidential interviews with each team member. We will interview each of your employees to gain insights into how their personal and professional lives impact one another and to understand their impressions of the business, the employee experience, the customer experience, and owner leadership.

Confidential interview of owner(s). We will interview each of the owners to gain insights into how their personal and professional lives impact one another and the business. The interview will also assess individual owner objectives.

Financials review

We will conduct an overview of activity to establish a baseline and to prioritize activity according to frequency, profitability, and scalability.

Customer acquisition and retention review

We will analyze your churn rate to better understand what attracts customers and what factors contribute to customer attrition.

Marketing review

We will analyze your marketing strategies and compare factors driving initial customer buy-in to the realities of the customer experience.

Processes review

We will consider the dynamics controlling for the interactions between customers and employees, between employees and owners, and between customers and the business generally.

Team meeting

Discuss interview findings. The entire staff will sit and discuss interview findings. The objective here is to create total awareness and to bring all members of the team to a common understanding of team dynamics. Identities will be kept confidential and all team members will have an opportunity to weigh in on each finding.

Discuss desired outcomes. The team will engage in a discussion about desired outcomes to create a common definition of success and an understanding of what activities will discourage or encourage success.

Leadership principles training. We will establish a hierarchy and work with the team and with individual staff members to learn and adopt effective leadership techniques.

Creation of team agreement. Based on discussions about desired outcomes and the establishment of leader-follower roles, we will draft a team agreement that all owners must first approve and then all employees will sign.

Touchpoint Choreography: Engineering a premium customer experience

The team will work to design a customer experience flow that aims to standardize the customer experience to improve customer retention, boost referrals, and increase revenue.

Marketing and communications strategy development

Having established a new customer dynamic, we will work to align marketing and communications strategies to achieve consistency between initial customer impressions and the overall customer experience.

Comprehensive strategies overview

The team will meet to conduct a comprehensive overview and to integrate any new ideas. 


Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring

Your office will report and PIP will compile and analyze the following KPIs which will be reviewed during a weekly phone conference. 

  • Appointments

    • Scheduled

    • Cancelled

    • No Shows

  • New patients

    • Not yet onboarded

    • Onboarded

    • Referrals

  • Treatment plans

    • Presentations

    • Conversions

  • Services

    • Regular

      • Check-ups

      • Cleanings

    • Restorative

      • Surgical

      • Prosthetic

      • Aesthetic

  • Collections

    • Invoiced

    • Collected

Advice and Support

Up to 15 hours of consultation each month by phone, email, and text. 

Emergency Support

We understand that patient, personnel, and personal issues can pop up at any time and present seemingly insurmountable challenges that threaten your progress. With as little as little as 48 hours notice, we will come to you and support you and your team in any way necessary to overcome obstacles and to put you back on course. 

Monthly review and strategic plan development

Each month, we will review performance and revenues. Together we will establish revenue objectives and develop a strategic plan to achieve those objectives.


Three day, on location assessment and quarterly strategic plan development 

We will spend 2 days with you and your team conducting team interviews, reviewing operations and financials, enhancing the patient and employee experience, establishing quarterly revenue objectives, and developing a quarterly strategic plan to achieve objectives. 


Onboarding (On site) - One time payment of $8,500 

Monthly Monitoring (Off site) + Quarterly Energizer (On site) - $2500/mo. 

Emergency Support (On site) - $1000/day inclusive of travel, food, and lodging.