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Our process.

While every business is different, the fundamentals remain the same. Espy knows that businesses which manage people rather than processes fail to scale while those that manage systems can enjoy massive growth without sacrificing the quality of their offerings or the well-being of their people.

STEP 1: Espy begins by learning more about both your personal and business goals. We have found that, the better we understand you, the better we can understand where your business is and what strategies must be employed to get you where you want to go. We call this philosophy the “perspective-driven approach.” After all, your business is more than a vehicle for profit - it’s a big personal investment in your future.

STEP 2: Espy works with the client to develop an organizational profile. This process includes one-on-one interviews with owners, employees, and customers to develop an objective and often revealing state-of-affairs.

STEP 3: Espy works alongside our clients to develop a complete profile - a “mind map” - of the target consumer. This process yields incredibly valuable information about what motivates a target consumer to buy and precisely how to position a product or service to generate maximum demand.

STEP 4: Espy works with clients to build a business development strategy supported by systems and processes to ensure the greatest amount of market penetration and domination at the lowest possible ongoing cost.

STEP 5: Espy works closely with clients and their employees to implement processes, improve communication, to develop leadership skills, and to inspire teamwork.

STEP 6: Espy assists the client in building fulfillment systems and processes that deliver on brand promises while habituating consumer buying behavior.

RESULT: The result is a lean, powerful, profitable business that continuously generates enormous demand, exceeds consumer expectations, and grows with ease.


Why Espy?

"In a few short months, Boyd has facilitated a complete transformation of our business. He has exceeded our expectations at every turn with his passion, energy and ownership mentality. I've worked with numerous consultants before, and none, except Boyd, have immersed themselves as deeply into their work. His approach to business is both refreshing and invigorating, and he's shown his versatility at every stage of our work together." - Doug and Jen Van Buzkirk

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Boyd E. Stough, J.D. Principle Consultant

Boyd is a USAF Special Operations veteran and graduate of Charleston School of Law. Early on in his 10 year military career, Boyd realized his passion for systems development and improvement, finding solutions to challenging obstacles, building powerful strategic alliances, and inspiring others to realize their best-selves. Over the past 4 years, Boyd has successfully worked with small and large clients to develop and implement inspiring strategic plans, overhaul systems, reduce expenses, increase profitability, improve employee morale, increase demand for products and services, develop software solutions, and much more.



Juris Doctor, 2016

B.S. Political Science, Cum Laude, 2012


USAF SPECIAL OPERATIONS Afghanistan War Veteran, Crew Chief, 2005-2015



Alexa S. Chilcutt, Ph.D.

Dr. Alexa Chilcutt is  strategic communication, public speaking, and Impression management expert. Through interactive workshop-style training and personalized coaching, Alexa helps organizational members maximize first impressions and networking and presentation opportunities. With an  M.A. in public relations and a PhD. in communication and information sciences, she is a professor of Communication Studies at a major university where she also provides staff development programs for the university’s College of Continuing Studies.



UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA M.A. Public Relations | Ph.D. Communication & Information Sciences