Espy Revenue
Make more money.

Real Time KPI

Results you can measure.

Are you a dentist or a dental office manager and want a simple way to boost production and revenue while reducing cancellations, turnover, and stress? Our Real Time KPI program is a very simple yet powerful way to implement proven Revenue Management strategies to track, analyze, and leverage data to deliver fast, measurable results. We’re so sure of our methods that we guarantee a 20% increase in production over 6 months.

“How Does it work?”

Espy will consult with you and your team to understand your situation and then provide you with a customized KPI (Key Performance Indicators) template. Each week, your team will record and report KPI data by simply filling in the blanks. When we receive your reports, we will analyze the data to develop feedback. Once each week, Espy will schedule a short conference call to discuss the data, to finalize a short-term strategic plan, and to modify your ongoing strategic plan in accordance with gradual improvements and other variables over time.

“What is the cost?”

Espy charges one flat rate of $2000/mo and results are guaranteed.

“Do I qualify?”

As with all of our clients, Espy only works with business owners who take their business and their craft seriously. Dentists who aren’t very serious about improving every aspect of their practice and earning more money will not be disciplined enough to enjoy the benefits of our services. If, however, you’re tired of mediocrity and are eager to see what you and your team are capable of accomplishing, then you’re a good fit and we encourage you to reach out and set up a short qualifications call.

Boyd… July was OFF THE CHARTS! Best month in the 10 year history of our office.
— Veena Bhat DDS, North Fulton Smiles