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Total Turnaround

One month. Total transformation.

Are you a small business owner committed to transforming your business? At a fraction of the cost of less effective, long term consulting, our Total Turnaround works with your entire team to create and integrate new systems and behaviors guaranteed to increase revenue by dramatically improving the overall experience of owners, employees, and customers.

  • Step 1

    • Team interviews

      • Confidential interviews with each team member

        • We will interview each of your employees to gain insights into how their personal and professional lives impact one another and to understand their impressions of the business, the employee experience, the customer experience, and owner leadership.

      • Confidential interview of owner(s)

        • We will interview each of the owners to gain insights into how their personal and professional lives impact one another and the business. The interview will also assess individual owner objectives.

    • Financials review

      • The owners and Espy will conduct an overview of activity to establish a baseline and to prioritize activity according to frequency, profitability, and scalability.

    • Customer acquisition and retention review

      • We will analyze your churn rate to better understand what attracts customers and what factors contribute to customer attrition.

    • Marketing review

      • We will analyze your marketing strategies and compare factors driving initial customer buy-in to the realities of the customer experience.

    • Processes review

      • We will consider the dynamics controlling for the interactions between customers and employees, between employees and owners, and between customers and the business generally.

  • Step 2

    • Team meeting

      • Discuss interview findings

        The entire staff will sit and discuss interview findings. The objective here is to create total awareness and to bring all members of the team to a common understanding of team dynamics. Identities will be kept confidential and all team members will have an opportunity to weigh in on each finding.

      • Discuss desired outcomes

        The team will engage in a discussion about desired outcomes to create a common definition of success and an understanding of what activities will discourage or encourage success.

      • Leadership principles training

        We will establish a hierarchy and work with the team and with individual staff members to learn and adopt effective leadership techniques.

      • Creation of team agreement

        Based on discussions about desired outcomes and the establishment of leader-follower roles, we will draft a team agreement that all owners must first approve and then all employees will sign.

      • Implementation of strategies for achieving desired outcomes and managing productive team dynamics

  • Step 3

    • Touchpoint Choreography: Engineering a premium customer experience

      • The team will work to design a customer experience flow that aims to standardize the customer experience to improve customer retention, boost referrals, and increase revenue.

    • Marketing and communications strategy development

      • Having established a new customer dynamic, we will work to align marketing and communications strategies to achieve consistency between initial customer impressions and the overall customer experience.

  • Step 4

    • Comprehensive strategies overview

      • The team will meet to conduct a comprehensive overview and to integrate any new ideas.

    • Start 60 day implementation period (FREE)

      • For 60 days, we will be available to all owners and employees to discuss any challenges and to develop solutions.

    • 60 day audit (FREE)

      • At the end of the 60 day implementation period, we will conduct an audit to quantify results and to assess feedback from owners and employees.